Blatchford In A Box is a unique concept for Doctors and Teams who want to experience Dr. Bill Blatchford’s Program of 55% overhead, 6-8 weeks time off with pay and more!

Take advantage of Dr. Blatchford’s experience working with over 2,600 dental practices and use this wisdom and shared knowledge to your advantage. Known for his integrity, straight shooting, and focused approach, Dr. Blatchford has helped many dental practices increase their net by at least $100K.

These Blatchford materials have never been
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Blatchford In A Box six-lesson program includes four ways to learn:

  • 6 DVDs,
  • 6 CDs,
  • 1 Notebook,
  • 1 Pre-loaded iPod,
  • The Blatchford books - Playing Your ‘A’ Game & BLUEPRINTS.

Dr. Blatchford spills his knowledge & passion on:

  • creating strong leadership and vision
  • moving from staff of individuals to “on-fire” team
  • becoming much more profitable and efficient
  • establishing strong systems like block booking
  • marketing techniques that work for you
  • mastering sales skills which produce big returns!

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